English Congregation

Wednesday 3pm Contact Rev Seong Mo Byun 0421 415 221

Sunday School report A few months ago Sunday School was commenced for the English service. The children are aged from about three to eleven years. we have a bible based lesson and are hearing the Easter story now. Today we saw how the crucifixion and resurrections was in Gods plan to bring us back from a sinful life and be…

1st & 3rd Thursday 10am – Clive Tuesday 6.30pm – Rev. Seongmo Byun

We are happy to welcome you at our community where you find support. Contact Julie 0405 836 353.

Together, it is possible. We can, and are, making a difference. 2nd Thursday 10am, followed by bring & share lunch at 12:30pm 4th Thursday 10am – Contact Julie 0405 836 353

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