Walk and Rally for Life

Remembering the missing generation

On 26 May 1998 abortion became legal in Western Australia. Since then over 141,000 unborn children have been killed with the approval of the State.

The first babies legally killed by abortion in Western Australia would have been turning seventeen this year – finishing high school, planning university or an apprenticeship, looking forward to life and love. But they were not given this chance.

Join in solidarity with other Western Australia as we remember these lost young people and call for an end to abortion.

The 2015 Walk and Rally for Life will commence at Florence Hummerston Reserve, cnr St George’s Tce and Mount St, Perth(opposite QV1) at 7pm on Tuesday 12 May. We will begin with prayers over the city of Perth and the State for an end to abortion. Participants will then walk to Parliament House.

At Parliament House we will be joined by prolife members of parliament. The rally is expected to conclude around 9.00pm.

A collection will be received to defray costs and assist the work of the Coalition for the Defence of Human Life.