The past month has brought us some unusual circumstances that have forced a number of rapid, temporary changes to the rules and guidelines for how we may meet and conduct worship services. We immediately tried to accommodate these necessary changes by reducing the number of people at each church service but now all churches are closed for worship services to help curb the spread of the COVID – 19 virus.

Therefore, as of this coming Sunday 29th March, Reverend Byun will present a worship service that you can follow on either Youtube or Facebook. This will be a short service comprising prayer, Scripture reading and a message, beginning at 10 am. You will find this new service on youtube at:

          or on our Facebook page at:

May we also encourage everybody to be in prayer at 12 noon each day, to keep our circumstances before God and to seek His will and purpose throughout this global crisis.

“Remember that we are not a people without hope or without God and we are certainly not a people without community.’  So while we are restricting ourselves to our own homes, stay connected with your church family on the phone and social media to encourage and uphold one another in Jesus. Importantly, also take great care of yourselves emotionally as we remain prayerful and supportive of each other in the months ahead.

Although business meetings are still allowed at the church, we are also making arrangements to hold such meetings without coming together. Property and Finance Committee members can prepare for their next meeting (Thursday 2nd April) by downloading the FREE ‘Zoom’ app to their phone or computer. We should then be able to hear and see each other for the meeting.

(Give Clive a call – 0410 300 766 if you need some help to get Zoom onto your device).

Session and P&F are very mindful of the trying circumstances and reduced income that many of us will experience in the coming months and we are keeping everyone in prayer before our sovereign God who still promises to provide for all our needs according to His purposes.

As we make new arrangements to maintain our mortgages and rent payments along with all the other budget items, let us remain faithful with our tithes and offerings according to God’s provision, that we may be a stronger, viable church to bring hope and godly peace in our community, even after God brings an end to this crisis. Whether you can maintain ‘over the counter’ banking or have chosen to use internet banking, there is one convenient church account:

  Bassendean Presbyterian Church     

BSB number  036 062      Account number  350 553

May God be glorified and honoured as we seek to understand and conform to His will,

Clive Shailer

Session Clerk