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Update on COVID-19

Fortunately, Bassendean Presbyterian Church has been able to resume regular in-person Sunday service at church since the 7th of June. Please keep in mind the government regulations relating to COVID-19 when coming to worship together.

Online service will continue to be streamed through our Youtube channel and Facebook pages.

감사하게도 베센딘장로교회는 6월7일 주일 예배부터 교회에서 모여 함께 예배하고 있습니다. 예배에 오실때에는 COVID-19 관한 정부 지침을 준수하시길 바랍니다.

유튜브와 페이스북을 통해 온라인 예배도 계속 드립니다.

Links for Youtube and our Facebook group for Sunday live streams.

-10am English Service
-12pm Korean language service
-4pm Nuer language service




Church Service

Sunday Service: 10am (English), 12pm (Korean), 4pm (Nuer)

Friday Service(금요기도회): 7.30pm (Korean)
Temporarily on hold

Bible Study:
1st & 3rd Thursday 10am (English)
Every Wednesday 7.30pm (Korean)

Time of Prayer:
Every 4th Wednesday 9.30am(English)

Ladies prayer & care:
Every Tuesday 10am(Korean)